We place special emphasis on determining practical solutions to the challenges of each project. Our expertise ranges from complex geotechnical problems to practical field construction applications. Each project is directed by a principal or senior professional whose experience most closely matches the project requirements.

Since 1973, we have provided geotechnical services for a wide variety of projects and clients. Our projects in Southern California include storage facilities, pipelines, flood control improvements, schools, hospitals, hillside stabilization, parks, residential and commercial developments, and public works projects.


Geotechnical Engineering
Our geotechnical engineering services are based on a team of talented engineers dedicated to the their profession who strive to provide quality engineering during the entire project.

Engineering Geology
Our engineering geology services are provided by geologists with the expertise to evaluate the complex geologic conditions within Southern California.

Material Testing and Engineering
Gorian and Associates, Inc. provides soil and construction material testing and special inspection services. Testing is performed in our AASHTO and City of Los Angeles accredited laboratory.